Graphic identity for [ssshrrrfff!]

Logotype - Illustrations - Event -

( In collaboration with Fabrice Clochard )
Event : {dive}:event 
July 7th - 2016

[SSSHHHRFFF!] is an immersive concept separated in three different atmospheres : 
Earth, Sea and Wood.

Creation of a conceptual menu (Graphic Identity and illustration) for an experimental and suprising journey from the breakfast to dinner for {divers}

[SSSHRRRFFF!] is the sound of :
- waves breaking on rocks
- wind filling sails
- the power of the elements
- the druid making his cauldron bubble
- the farmer’s boots in his damp field of
artichokes... etc.
[SSSHRRRFFF!] is an edible, emotional, epicurean food experience concocted by three brilliant chefs.

[SSSHRRRFFF!] is a concept developed
( Writtent by Fabrice Clochard )

Contents & illustrations
{DIVE} - Video
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