CLIENT CFIA 2016 - Usine du futur
MISSION Art direction, graphic identity, product design and scenography.
IN FEW WORDS During the CFIA 2016, we installed an informative display talking about the importance of the design process in the agronomic field. With the concept Emmental Design Lab, we proposed an educative display with different user interfaces:
The Emmental Design Lab is a global structure composed of one central display stand to show a big piece of cheese connected to 5 informative hubs (documents, videos and others about design). Hubs were designed as a good packaging: able to show the product while protecting against impacts, theft, and others public exposures.

Why an emmental? The emmental is one of the best example of the food industrial transformation. For years, the emmental has been sold under different consumption concepts : cheese to melt, cheesesticks, etc.

Concept Fabrice Clochard & Pauline Boué Photography (Mouse) Frank Hamel

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